I am an illustrator and 3D visualizer, with a healthy obsession in cultural mythologies, a fascination in character design and drawing humans.

With staying at home because of the Corona Pandemic, I started an online figure drawing group for queer artists in March 2020, where we have a live model each week with a safe and open space to all body types and genders. 

Since graduating from Arena Animation Academy, specializing in Animation and Design, I have been working as a designer and illustrator. I also studied Android Application Development with Re:Coded in Istanbul to get a sense of what goes on behind the curtains regarding coding.

At the same time I had a humbling experience working in Positive Living Association with UNHCR in social service as an outreach worker for LGBTQ+ refugees living in Turkey. Inspired by this work I started making illustrations depicting different members of queer community where I found my calling in drawing humans.

To stay active, in June 2019 I participated in Makers Unite Creative Lab where I had the chance to better understand Dutch standards. Through the program I was able to attend different workshops:

Recently I became a member of Queer Art Brunch Club where we focus on queer art and representation, creating events, zines and activities to bring the community together.