Logos and Business cards I did for various clients

Zulghina Kargo

A shipping company in Turkey (Istanbul).

The logo represents a shipping box with the packing tape as negative space, the red color is a reference to the red shipping containers.

Food Evening

Food Evening is a catering company in Italy that specializes in Syrian dishes.

The design represents classic script font as requested by the client.

Ziris Logo

Ziris is a security systems company in Egypt that specializes in security cameras.

The logo represents the camera lens circles and an iris as the name is a combination between (Z) and (Iris), the color red to represent recording.

Orient Tourism

Orient Tourism is an Istanbul based company that caters to tourists coming from the Arabian Gulf countries.

The logo is based on arabesque ornaments using 7 edge star to represents the 7 hills of Istanbul, with golden yellow color to represent the luxury that Arab tourists are looking for.

Yawer Optics

Yawer Optics are a chain stores in Egypt that specializes in Eye wear.

The design is made in English and Arabic to cater to all the clients, with a glasses frame combined with the name, the color orange to represent the fresh and young energy of the owner.

Zoulghina Group

Zoulghina Group is a trading company in Egypt.

The design represents 2 arrows for import and export with the letter Z in the negative space between them.

Girls of Istanbul

Girls of Istanbul is a social group that helps female new comers in Istanbul to integrate and build social circles and friends.

The design is a combination between the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul and Lips, with pink colors as requested by the client.

Hi Tech

Hi Tech is a computer parts store in Jordan.

The logo represents the wifi/gsm signal bar with the letter H and red color as it is the main color in the store.

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